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Defraggler Pro crack free download

Defraggler Pro crack free downloadDefraggler Pro Crack

Defraggler Pro crack is a powerful defragmentation tool. It is easy to install and provides a straight point. It also includes two defragmented modes, the quick and standardized focus over a certain file. Another good thing is its customized option. You can also create a personal list of all the files and folders that should be excluded from the analysis.

Defraggler Pro can be set to turn the computer off once the disk has been defragmented. It also lets you schedule new analyzes in the future. One little detail missing, however, was the ability to minimize it to the system tray. This lets you analyze and defragment either individual files and folders or the whole computer hard drive, all in a nicely designed user interface.

This compact and portable Windows application supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems. Furthermore, the program gives you the possibility you to schedule a defragmentation task (once or at a regular time interval) and it can be set to move large files to the end of the drive during the processing of an entire volume.

The Quick Defrag feature can be configured when it comes to the size and fragments size of files, and you have the option of excluding specific files and folders. You can set the program to use more or less of your system resources, or shutdown the computer after it finishes a task. The bottom line is that Defraggler does an excellent job at defragging a drive or a specific file and its online help file is very useful, especially for beginners. Our team strongly recommend this software.


  • Give your hard drive a quick touch-up with quick Defrag
  • Organizes empty disk space to further prevent fragmentation
  • Optimized free space algorithms
  • Full Windows OS and Multi-lingual support
  • Boot time defrag of system files
  • Supports 37 major languages
  • Added move files or folder to end of drive

How to Activate?

  1. Download & install the Free Version of Defraggler
  2. Turn off your Internet Connection
  3. Launch Defraggler Pro
  4. Go to Help > About and Click Upgrade to Pro button
  5. Enter name with serial key
  6. Click Register and You have Done 🙂Defraggler Pro crack plus license key

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