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Traktor Pro 2 Crack

Traktor Pro 2 Crack is an integrated DJ mixer with studio-quality EQs and filters, flexible performance effects, automatic beat-matching and intuitive control functions that accommodate DJs of all styles and experience levels.
It is the pro platform that top DJs trust, and Traktor Pro 2 with Remix Deck technology is the most advanced version of Traktor ever. Perform your mix on up to four decks, featuring TruWave colored waveforms, powerful looping and cueing functionality and an exceptional effects suite.

Traktor Pro 2 Crack

Traktor Pro 2 is Ready to Remix. Get started in seconds, fire up the Remix Decks and seamlessly merge the worlds of DJing and live performance. Whether you want to rock your bedroom or the club, Traktor PRO is a very complete program that does pretty much everything you might want. It’s highly configurable, which makes it very flexible but also pretty inaccessible to beginners. There is extensive documentation for Traktor PRO, but even that is pretty scary.

Main Features Of Traktor Pro 2 Crack:

As well as controlling external sources, Traktor PRO allows you to mix from your computer on up to four decks at once. Importing your music library is really simple, and it works with iTunes libraries too. Tracks are analyzed when loaded into a deck, and appear as a wave form that can be moved with the mouse, alongside the beats per minute (BPM) and much more information. Traktor PRO is pretty accurate when it comes to finding BPMs, but if it is wrong, you can set them manually.

All the usual mixing tools are present, with pitch control, crossfader effects, and levels. There is extensive hotkey mapping, which is fully configurable, but takes a lot of time to do. Once you get used to Traktor PRO, it reveals itself as an incredible DJ tool. With some practice you’ll be able to create fantastic mixes, which you can record from within the program.

  • 64-bit application architecture
  • Integration of Tractor control D2
  • Vedio Processing is an exclusive, faster track analysis function
  • The integration for Leader CDJ and XDJ models
  • The software details is incredibly powerful DJ

What’s New:

Traktor PRO is an excellent and incredibly powerful DJ application with a steep learning curve that is worth climbing.Traktor PRO is a professional DJ application for mixing digital music as well as CDs and Vinyl.

Traktor Pro 2 Crack

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